“A brutally honest coming of age story.”

-Brett Paesel, LA Times Bestselling Author of “Mommies Who Drink”


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Jaime Andrews unblinkingly delivers this tale of her troubled adolescence, detailing her descent into depression, promiscuity, drugs and institutionalization – all before the age of 18. Told from the point of view of a teenage sociopath, The Brink is funny, harrowing, lurid and absolutely true.

A deep, dark look at growing up in 90s suburbia, The Brink is eminently relatable to the ostracized youth of today, those who have been there, and those who enjoy gawking at car wrecks.

“…Andrews' cheeky tone allows her to dip into her fraught childhood with clarity and compassion for her younger self. We root for her from the very beginning.”

-Brett Paesel, LA Times Bestselling Author of “Mommies Who Drink”

JAIME ANDREWS has been a comedic commentator (TruTV’s World’s Dumbest), an album cover-girl (My Chemical Romance), a columnist (Backstage, New Thinking), a commercial queen, a theater manager and, most recently, an award-winning filmmaker (Division). Way before that, though, she was the big mess you’ll find in these pages.